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We give priority to training and support.

In order for you to sell our products as well as possible, we are always there to help you and we provide you with the necessary sales materials and support.

We are aware of the time it takes to create sales media. That is why we are committed to providing you with the necessary materials for successful sales: brochures, catalogues, website, images, documents, etc.

That is why we guarantee training for each of our products so that you are well prepared to answer all of your customer’s questions. You can contact us at any time for additional information.

Our services

Stock always available

We keep all the references we represent in stock.


Every product is scanned upon arrival at our warehouse.


Successful training results in successful selling. We provide you with regular training.

Technical support

You benefit from technical support at any time.

Communication media

All of our online and offline materials are available to you.

Delivery 24/48 h

You benefit from a delivery service within 24/48 hours with follow up.

Our responsibilities


– Individual or collective
– Co-visit
– Workshop
– Lunch and learn

Storage and transportation

– Inspection
– Storage
– Compliance with  conditions
– Tracked shipments

Presence on the internet

– Newsletters
– Social networks
– Website creation
– Video design


– One to two trade shows per month
– Brochure conception
– Communication with KOLs
– Customer service


– Instructions for use
– Technical data sheet
– Safety data sheet
– Commercial documents
– Product images

Technical support

– Protocol description
– Technical support
– Sales support
– Customer service

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